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Hotels in Northeast

The Northeast region is probably the most wanted region by travellers in Brazil. There coexists a large portfolio of activities to satisfy all curiosities. For ecotourism, National Parks such as the Chapada Diamantina or the Lencois Maranhenses grant explorers with unique experiences. Fernando de Noronha archipelago is the must go destination for scubba divers while the coast from Jericoacoara to Barra Grande is the dreamed destination for kite surf and nautical activities. Finally the large seashore offers a great selection of luxury hotels next to lush beaches and remote villages to relax facing the Atlantic ocean.

Jericoacoara – Chili Beach

Minimalist accommodation in the heart of Jericoacoara. Chili Beach provides an ideal location in the village. Some oceanfront suites cater to travelers seeking a highly skilled service. The activities are numerous: buggy tours, introduction to kite-surfing, horseback riding on the dunes. On return, the SPA and the lounge complete the relaxation. An exceptional address, punctuated by the tides, the capoeira presentations or the wild nights of Jeri.

Jericoacoara – Rancho do Peixe

A short drive from Jericoacoara is Rancho do Peixe, a haven for nature lovers and a favorite spot for water sports enthusiasts. The bungalows, chic and rustic, nestled on the dune, watch the ocean waiting for the ideal conditions! Ideal for kitesurfing and windsurfing, relaxing by the pool, discovering the surroundings on foot or by buggy. An isolated corner facing the ocean that lives to the sound of the waves.

Praia da Pipa – Toca da Coruja

Toca da Coruja is located south of Natal, on the edge of Praia da Pipa. A sumptuous tropical garden that hides 9 bungalows perfectly integrated into the environment. Spacious and well-equipped, they provide privacy and well-being to travelers who stay there. The surrounding area offers many activities, while the village’s main street offers wide variety of restaurants, bars and shops. A place for nature lovers and refinement in a small paradise.

Olinda – Hotel 7 colinas

The 7 Colinas hotel, surrounded by the historic village of Olinda, is the ideal starting point for a stroll. The splendid garden of endemic species and the swimming pool are gentle refuges to escape the heat of the paved streets. The charm of the old colonial mansion completes the immersion in the Brazilian history. While the rooms boast modern comforts, the hospitality of the Northeast and the warmth of the frevo welcome to the former captaincy of Pernambuco.

Barra de São Miguel – Kenoa Exclusive Beach & Spa Resort

Imagine a private sanctuary of exclusive tranquility, where the smallest details were thought to be enjoyed. This is the Kenoa Beach Spa & Resort, located at the doors of the glittering forest and the turquoise ocean. A place where luxury is defined by architecture inspired by the primitive forms of nature, by energizing SPA treatments, gastronomic pleasures and intimate service. A unique experience that approaches the 5 senses.

Salvador – Villa Bahia

In the heart of the historic district of Salvador, an imposing neoclassical building welcomes travelers. The Villa Bahia hides 20 suites decorated in the colors of the former Portuguese territories: Ceylon, Ceuta, Nagasaki, … A chic charm in bright and warm colors. An exotic trip of aromas and flavors in the restaurant, refreshment on the pool or SPA relaxation wait the tourist. A place to find daily adventures in the cradle of Brazilian miscegenation.

Itacare – Txai Resorts

Beauty and serenity are two words that characterize the Txai. An exclusive establishment, in the region of Itacaré, where living in harmony with the luxuriant nature is the philosophy. In the heart of a magnificent tropical property, the rare tranquility and impeccable service of simple and artistic cuisine cultivate the soul. The SPA, the surrounding excursions and the beauty of the scenery take care of the body. The luxury of simplicity with the sophistication of being simple.

Corumbau – Fazenda da Lagoa

In a corner of the south of Bahia, the Fazenda da Lagoa welcomes adventurers in 14 unique and finely colored bungalows. A wide range of activities allows you to enjoy the private lagoon, tropical vegetation, ocean and much more. The outdoor pool and the SPA offer inspired treatments for an ideal relaxation. The local staff greets you with smiles and good service. A sweet feeling of abandonment, isolated in the heart of an exceptional environment.

Salvador – Convento do Carmo

The oldest convent in Salvador, converted into accommodation, offers a journey back in time. In the heart of the historic district, the cloister hides a beautiful swimming pool. The tiles, magnificently preserved, decorate the corridors and the museum. The surrounding footpath imposes itself on the baroque remains and the black soul of Salvador. The night promises to be soft, under the curtains, on the sofas of the bar or shaken with the sounds of Pelourinho’s percussions.

Trancoso – Uxua Casa Hotel e Spa

Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa offers a unique concept in the region of Trancoso: ten fishermen’s houses, renovated by the artist Wilbert Das and local artisans. The result is an amazing accommodation whose charm blends antiques and contemporary design. State-of-the-art service and facilities to change the senses: the smell in the tropical garden, the heart with the smiles of the Bahian, the taste of the conceptual restaurant. An original and refined establishment: renewed energy.

Fernando de Noronha – Pousada Maravilha

The Ecological Sanctuary of Fernando de Noronha offers a rare experience of planetary beauty. With that in mind, the Pousada Maravilha has become part of the landscape. The 5 bungalows offer a wide panorama of the ocean. The garden is home to endemic species. The 40 employees guarantee a personalized and high quality service. The restaurant offers an incredible combination of exotic flavors and sea, the recipe for an exclusive experience on the most beautiful island of Brazil.

Hotels in South East

Main destination of travellers in Brazil, the South-east region made Rio de Janeiro, its beaches and its Christ the redeemer sanctuary a desired symbol for worldwide explorers. The littoral from Buzios to Cabo Frio, Ilha Grande and Paraty offers great options to relax and to trek between white sand beaches and the Tropical Atlantic rainforest. While São Paulo, the magalopolis, gather around its great gastronomy and an agitated night life, the culture and the business core of Latin America. Finally Minas Gerais state reveals the brazilian colonial history, its barocco architectural splendors and the gemstone industry through the cities Ouro Preto, Tiradentes, Diamantina,…

Ouro Preto – Hotel Solar do Rosario

The neoclassical style of the Solar do Rosario hotel is an exceptional address for discovering the Ouro Preto baroque richness. Behind the exterior of the 19th century, the interiors combine space, comfort and elegance. The antique panels and furniture reproduce the atmosphere of times gone by, while comfort invades the opulent rooms. Nothing better to complete the experience than to taste the delights of the local gastronomy.

Tiradentes – Solar da Ponte

At the entrance of the city of Tiradentes, the imposing building of Solar da Ponte resembles the splendor of the golden era. The rooms and common areas are richly decorated with fine wood and antiques. The interior lighted by huge windows hides the panorama of the surroundings. While the service is efficient and unobtrusive, the pool and sauna prolong the lazy stroll in the romantic historic village.

Buzios – Insólito Boutique Hotel

Overlooking the Ferradura beach, the Insolito Hotel reveals its discreet luxury and promotes the happiness of the senses. Care therapy in the massage cabins, excursion to the abandoned coves, Franco-Brazilian tasting trip, lazy heliotherapy at the beach bar. An artistic atmosphere that combines the warmth of recycled materials with the clean lines of modern design. A discreet luxury experience just a few kilometers from the village of Saint-Tropez.

Rio de Janeiro – Hotel Mgallery Santa Teresa

The hotel welcomes travelers in the Wonderful City. A mix of raw and warm materials at the heart of the artists’ quarter developed in the 18th century. A qualified accommodation of Relais & Châteaux marks quality of service and facilities. On the hill, swimming in the sunny pool. Cocktail of fruity and salty tapas, with casual sounds of the Descasados bar. A cozy setting for an inspired chef’s dinner. A tropical and chic day to relax in the frenzied Rio.

Rio de Janeiro – Fasano

Work of the designer Philippe Stark, the Fasano is the address in vogue in Rio. The finely decorated facilities provide the careful service of its Italian origin. The spa and bar menus are inspired to relax. The rooms and the roof bar offer an exceptional view of the ocean and of the Dois Irmãos hill. A chic and discreet must in the “wonderful city” and its neighborhood of Ipanema, birthplace of Bossa Nova and of the Carioca new tendencies.

Rio de Janeiro– Copacabana Palace

The Copacabana Palace welcomes guests from all horizons, heads of state and princesses, and contributes to the city’s reputation and its famous beach for almost a century. The building goes through fashions but retains its Belle Époque-inspired picture, evidenced by the majestic reception rooms and uniformed staff. The sign of the Belmond group is all around, as evidenced by the SPA and bar. An exceptional holiday resort in the heart of this carioca symbol.

Paraty – Casa Turquesa

On the heart of the Paraty historic center stands the house with turquoise Venetian blinds. A casual and comfortable reception at the entrance. The decor combines colors of nature with the charm of the old colonial mansions. A sweet mix offered around the bar by Thérèse, owner of the establishment. It is a valuable asset in discovering the romantic village and its lush surroundings. A delightfully local place.

Paraty – Pousada Marquesa

The Pousada Marquesa is located in the main square of bucolic Paraty. It welcomes travelers in the organized style of the colonial mansions. Noble wood furniture and antiques create the family atmosphere in a simple charm. The enclosed garden is a unique setting to enjoy the bar in the shade of old trees and cool off in the pool. An affable immersion in this village of the eighteenth century.

São Paulo – Emiliano

Forerunner of the boutique hotels in São Paulo, the Emiliano is located in the elegant district of Jardins, an ideal address to discover the surrounding shops and restaurants. The exuberance of the Atlantic forest is reflected in the vivid colors and noble materials of the installations. Sophisticated, they offer, through a hand-picked team, the legendary Brazilian hospitality in an exclusive standard. An accommodation in the heart of the megalopolis of São Paulo.

São Paulo – Unique

Visually stunning, the Unique Hotel, imagined by Ruy Ohtake, inspires and intrigues. The half-shell building, located in the upscale neighborhood of Jardins, houses rounded suites with innovative shapes. Resolutely modern, decorations and lamps vary by category. The facilities and the careful service guarantee new sensations. Surprises continue at night around the pool or at the panoramic restaurant table. The permanence in such an establishment arouses only one feeling: Unique!

Hotels in South

Here, is hidden one of the most impressive Brazilian attractions : the Iguaçu falls. An incredible natural scenary where to practice numerous ecotourism activities. The southern states perpetuate the Gauchos welcoming and gastronomic traditions. Its also offers, part of the year, in Santa Cataraina and Florianopolis, beaches designed for those who wish to relax and to surf in paradise. At the southern border ruins and vestiges of the Jesuit presence tells the history of south american native population and the Brazilian premices.

Foz do Iguaçu – Hotel das Cataratas

The Hotel das Cataratas is the only accommodation inside the Foz do Iguaçu National Park, in Brazil. It allows visitors to enjoy the park before and after the opening. An institution that seeks to compete with its environment. Exclusive service in a picturesque nook and modern facilities for a stay at the level of the panorama: breathtaking! Icing on the cake, some rooms have direct view of the falls.

Florianópolis – Ponta dos Ganchos

To the north of Florianópolis, a private peninsula hides the Ponta dos Ganchos. A resort with the seal of the Relais et Châteaux as guarantee of quality service and gastronomy. 25 bungalows with sophisticated charm, situated at the confluence of the tropical rainforest and the ocean, offering the essential luxury of exclusivity. The property reveals many options for activities to spice up the discovery. A rare experience on the emerald coast of Brazil.