About Us

Our History

Aquarelas, is a “Destination Management Company” that provides institutional, corporate and individual logistical integrated solutions in the Brazilian territory. It is from Rio de Janeiro that the Aquarelas team coordinates its incentive activities and tailor-made trips.

The Work Concept

he concept was born from a deep analysis of the resources of the Brazilian tourism industry; the infrastructure, the facilities and the difficulties. For the creators of Aquarelas, product of their effort and past experiences, the objective is clear:

Make quality of service a trademark!

  • Excellence of service is born from the Expertise!

  • Fantasy in Rigor!

  • Aquarelas, an agency for your measure!

  • Making your dreams come true!

The Benefits

To accompany travelers, adventurers and globetrotters in their discoveries of Brazil, Aquarelas provides the means of their ambitions:

✔ With a portfolio of experienced and carefully selected local staff as the guarantee of a fluid and secure discovery.

✔ Through a young and innovative team, listening and full of resources to discover the unavoidable experiences and the addresses in vogue.

✔ An exemplary knowledge of the territory in the service of the optimization of time and space and to highlight, at your own pace, the local wonders.

✔ Activities tested and approved by our teams all over Brazil to guarantee quality at the best price.

✔ By respecting the environment and accompanying rules of each ecosystems to contribute to the respect of local populations and their cultures.

✔ Through the dissemination and promotion to its partners of a unique service philosophy to treat the travelers. It is based on the intrinsic characteristics of its population: joy of living and sharing, availability and solidarity.

✔ Finally, with a structure in conformity with the Brazilian regulations, referenced to the Carioca Bureau Convention, the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism and the Association of Brazilian Travel Agents.

Your Paint-brush

A personalized interview, in introduction, to understand and define the travel itinerary. This is the time for the team to simmer a first sketch and submit you within 48 hours a suggestion of the escape, relaxation, exploration. A first expression of your talents as an artist.

The criticism of this sketch, confronts our vision on the destination, our passion for the journey. The hotels to be modified, the transfers to optimize, the effort to be reduced, the pleasure to extend, result in new sketches.

The co-construction of our itinerary as a guarantee of success; the pencil traces the curves to obtain the white canvas of a journey at the height of your temperament.

The program validated, our techniques are expressed at the work of the operations.

Imagination is abundant! Pack your bags! It is time to paint this canvas, fresh colors, a shade of flavors, a sonorous challenge; an exaltation of scents.

Aquarelas: Explorar, Sentir, Vibrar, Brasil!


Aquarelas, was born from a metaphor: “Aquarelas do Brasil”. This artistic expression of 3 words, translated by: “Brazilian Watercolors” or “Watercolors of Brazil”, attempts through painting to illustrate the richness of the nuances present in Brazil.

Many artists have taken up this challenge. The best definitions of Brazil as a watercolor we owe to the composers: João Gilberto, founder of the Bossa Nova, Ary Barroso, popular singer, and Martinho da Vila, illustrious sambist with 50 years of career. They try to reproduce on a 5-minute track the beauty of the muse via the titles: “Aquarela do Brasil” or “Aquarela Brasileira”.

A business, otherwise, difficult when the muse is a continental country, endowed with undeniable natural and cultural wealth.

In this way, Aquarelas, a hand-made tourism company, aims to disseminate and foster knowledge of local wonders. At your service, our art of travel and mastery on the operational characteristics of the country.

To you: travelers, adventurers, globe-trotters! Come, mix sounds and colors. Invent your “Aquarelas do Brasil”!

Aquarelas do Brasil – Ary Barroso

Ary Barroso saw his title used by Walt Disney for the introduction of character Zé Carioca. A meeting of masters to see, absolutely!